This quiet neighbourhood, which lives at a different pace, was independent and was called the New Villa of the Sea (pueblo Nuevo del Mar), as this apartment area is located next to the beach. The market of the Grao / Grau, the lodging in the streets Sant Pere, the Reina or Escalant, as well as the area of the streets of the Progrès and Amparo Guillem are small houses of fishermen of ceramic. Tourists and locals are always surprised to pass through these authentic spots within 5 minutes of the bustling activity of the city.

In addition, the District is reborn thanks to the reviving project of the city Council. This makes new trade and new inhabitants coming to the area. This neighbourhood has become a very popular artistic place because it houses a network of artists and theatre companies with many projects ongoing, such as the reopening of the Musical Theatre (TEM) and the festival Cabanyal Íntim, the Spring Festival with works of small Format that takes place in historical houses. In short, it is a mecca of street art where the history of the houses and the culture of fishing that extends beyond these places make it magical, modern and cosmopolitan.