Moncada is a municipality of Valencia. This small town has seen increasing its population since 1970, since the creation of the University of Moncada (University Cardenal Farrier (CEU)).


Universidad CEU Moncada Alfara Universidad CEU Moncada - AlfaraToday, students from all over the world come to Moncada in search of a student apartment, since the university has five faculties. There are the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Law and Political Science, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Communication and the technical school. The technical school allows you to obtain numerous engineering degrees, in computer science, architecture or industry. It is a way for these students to open their minds and develop their language skills. Moncada has a heritage of the Catholic religion. Especially in the town of Alfara of the patriarch where the church of San Bartalomé, San Pedro and San Nicolás is located, as well as the castle of Senyoria in the Plaza Mayor. The city can be written Montcada in Valencian, a language spoken by the inhabitants. In short, Moncada and Alfara del Patriarch are meeting points for students from all over the world and a small town dedicated to their history and culture.